Thomas A. Edison Was Correct


Edison was absolutely correct…sort of..

Mr. Edison knew all those years ago the importance of the spine and therefore the health of the nerve system, combined with a healthy, sensible eating program is the cornerstone of wellness.  However, it seems that although we spend the most money per capita on “health care” we are still one of the fattest and sickest “civilized” countries in the world today.

Most people, including the greater majority of my own patients, do not know what Chiropractic care is because most of them have not taken the 60-75 minutes to attend my “Chiropractic 101” in-office workshop that I give every Tuesday.  I know, life is very busy…  Therefore, most use my care as a temporary Band-aid to treat their back and neck pain.  As soon as their pain goes away, they do, too.  And, because they don’t know what Chiropractic is, most of them do not bring in their spouses and children to receive the incredible health-building qualities that regular Chiropractic care affords.  Personally, I get checked and usually adjusted every week….not for aches & pains, but rather as a part of my wellness lifestyle.  See, I know the importance of a healthy spine and nerve system and how every cell, tissue and organ in the human body has a nerve connection to it.  Mr. Edison, an accurate thinker, knew then what even the most sophisticated medical doctors don’t know now…even with all of their education.

In addition, Mr. Edison spoke of proper nutrition…what we have today is a far cry from what Mr. Edison had in mind, I’m sure.  Again, I teach free in-office workshops on healthy eating, raw food recipes, juicing and green smoothies, but the attendance is weak.  It seems the Big Pharma is winning…every time I turn around, somebody I know is being diagnosed with heart disease, cancer or diabesity…all frequently avoidable with lifestyle.

Well, I raise my glass of carrot juice to Mr. Edison and his insights.  I will keep fighting..keep plodding along to share the message of lifetime Chiropractic Wellness care and proper eating habits to anyone who cares to listen!

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Thanks for listening,

Dr. Richard A. Mugavero


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