Car Accident Injuries

Car Accident? Tips To Save You A Ton Of Aggravation Later In Life.


As another 2 feet of fresh powder gets everyone complaining I can start to understand why… Yes, the first 4 inches of snow each year looks pretty and definitely adds to the “seasonality” of Winter.  However, the last report I heard is that we’ve been pounded with something like 71 inches of snow within the past 13 days.  This presents some problems..well, aside from paralyzing all kinds of businesses and closing schools, the nearly unprecedented amount of snow can have a detrimental effect on the bodies of those among us who are not in good physical condition, which is the greater majority of people.

Car Accidents

The number of car accidents naturally increases during periods of time when it snows out.  With road crews working just about around the clock for the past 2 weeks the problem they’re having is trying to find places to put the snow.  It’s a matter of physics, really.  There’s just no more room!  Drivers are having trouble seeing other cars because the roads are narrower than usual and the snow bankings are enormous…so by the time you see the car pulling out onto Main Street it’s just too late.  When 2 heavy automobiles collide with each other there is a tremendous amount of energy created that either goes into crumpling sheet metal and/or causing physical injury to the occupants.  The most common car accident injuries I see in my practice are musculoskeletal injuries such as neck pain, lower back pain, headaches as well as the victims having difficulty sleeping.

What To Do

There are several things that need to be addressed after a car accident has occurred.  The first thing to do is to make sure everybody is alright.  Call 911 to obtain the proper authorities to the scene to take care of properly documenting the accident as well as emergency care for anyone who may have been traumatically injured.  You’ll also want to notify your insurance agent or carrier to let them know what happened.  For those who were not critically injured I always recommend a Chiropractic check-up as well as a visit to the primary care physician.  The primary care physician may be able to temporarily help a person suffering with neck pain, for example, by prescribing muscle relaxants and pain medication.  However, because these chemicals are toxic to the body it is not a good idea to take these drugs for a long period of time.  Also, prescription medication, in many cases, merely “masks” or covers up the underlying cause of the problem.  But sometimes, prescription medication is necessary.

The Chiropractor

A good Chiropractic check-up as soon after the car accident as possible…even if it was “just a fender bender” can often uncover seemingly small problems that may lead to BIG problems later in life.  See, when spinal bones become misaligned, they can come in close proximity to the spinal nerves which causes the muscles in the surrounding area to tighten up in an attempt to keep you from damaging the nerve.  Although this is a marvelous built-in mechanism from our Creator, we still need to get the spinal bone away from the nerve and the muscles will settle down on their own.

I recommend everybody have a Chiropractic check-up in general, but especially after a car accident has occurred.  Why wait 20 years when the small problem finally gets big enough to get your attention?  Deal with it now so it doesn’t ruin your life later.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Richard A. Mugavero

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